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about us

With the advent of alternate parts becoming available in the market place MARMIC NEW PARTS was born in Westmead, Pinetown in 2005.

Due to the rapid growth in demand of quality alternate parts MARMIC NEW PARTS was relocated to the MARMIC AUTO HOLDINGS head office in Ottawa in 2007.

The initial focus of MARMIC NEW PARTS was to provide a wide range of quality alternate products for numerous makes and models of vehicles. This strategy was quickly phased out when the need for specialising in a particular field was recognised as being a better business model.

With this, MARMIC NEW PARTS was rebranded and became MARMIC TAXI PARTS. As the name dictates MARMIC TAXI PARTS specialise in providing the best quality alternate parts to the South African Taxi industry.

Soon hereafter MARMIC TAXI PARTS opened branches in both Cape Town and Gauteng to allow for MARMIC TAXI PARTS to provide National coverage.

Currently MARMIC TAXI PARTS covers possibly the LARGEST RANGE of Taxi parts for all makes and models of Taxis.

product range salvage our service about us contact us
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